April 11, 2024

Member Highlight - Week of March 25, 2024

IBEW Local 1049 is dedicated to our membership and their diverse backgrounds, jobs, and roles within their community. We want to celebrate and showcase the unique makeup of our membership. That’s why we’ve initiated a member highlight on our social media.We hope that these stories will inspire others to share their stories, expand our member engagement, and encourage others to become members of our union too.

This week’s member highlight features Jennifer Clemente, an Executive Board Member and a Team Lead from Long Island, NY.

How many years have you been part of Local 1049?

30 Yrs

Why did you decide to join Local 1049?

I joined Local 1049 by default as I came into the utility and you are required to become a union member. At the time I had a young family and didn’t pay much attention to what my Union was about and what they did for me. As time went on it became more and not apparent the strength in our union and the benefits that are negotiated for our members will impact you for the rest of your life.

What historical figures or events in the world of IBEW inspire(d) you as a member of Local1049?

I have attended the IBEW Women’s conferences and to see the progress that has been made within the industry makes me so proud to be a part of IBEW Local 1049. It is very motivating and inspiring to see how far the Sisterhood has come!

How do you view, express, exemplify leadership as a member of Local 1049 on job sites and in your daily life?

As a Local 1049 steward and Executive Board member I try to listen to the membership and do what is can to help them in any way, whether on a business level or a personal level I will do what I can to help lead my Union brothers and sisters in the right direction.

Anything else you'd like to share about your experience as a member of IBEW Local 1049 or your journey with the community?

I am proud and grateful to be part of IBEW Local 1049!

Thank you, Jennifer Clemente, for sharing your experience as a member in IBEW Local 1049 with everyone. We’re honored to have you as a member and to help light the way for others in your field.