revised 5/1/19

IBEW Local Union 1049 Referral Procedures

In the interest of maintaining an efficient and fair system, the Union shall select and refer registrants for employment without discrimination against such registrants because of membership or non-membership in the Union, sex, race or religion. All selection and referral shall be in accord with the following procedure:

  1. The handling of jobs for unemployed members shall be under the full supervision and direction of the Business Manager.  He has devised such means as are considered practical and fair in distributing available jobs to qualified registrants. Registrants violating any rule or plan established shall be penalized as directed by the Executive Board.
  2. The Union shall be the sole and exclusive source of referral of applicants for employment. Self-solicitation is prohibited.
  3. The Employer has the right to reject any applicant for employment.
  4. The Union shall maintain a register of applicants for employment based on the classifications and Groups as listed in the collective bargaining agreement(s). Each applicant for employment shall be registered in the highest priority Group in the classification or classifications for which the registrant qualifies.
  5. Initial Referral sign-in for the Out-of-Work list(s) shall take place anytime during normal operating hours of the Union’s business office located at 100 Corporate Drive Holtsville NY 11742 or a “Letter of Introduction” via a fax (631 234-1034) or email will be considered a signature for initial sign-in, on the Out-of-Work list(s). In an emergency, referral will be made outside normal hours using whatever means are available to fill calls and place registrants.
  6. Re-registration (re-sign) may be accomplished in person at the Local 1049 office between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm or via fax (631 234-1034) or email at beginning on the 10th and ending on 16th of each month. Failure to re-register from the 10th through the 16th of each month shall cause removal from the Out-of-Work list(s) at the start of the next business day. If removed, an applicant’s original list position shall be forfeited and a new, original, registration will be required to once again be considered an applicant for employment. 
  7. A registrant who is hired and who receives, through no fault of his own, work of (5) days or less shall, upon re-registration, be restored to his appropriate place within his Group.
  8. Employers shall advise the Business Manager of the Local Union of the number of applicants needed.  The Business Manager shall refer applicants to the Employer by first referring applicants in Group I in the order of their place on the “Out of work List” and then referring applicants in the same manner successively from the “Out of work List” in Group II, Group III and then Group IV.
  9. An applicant who is rejected by the Employer shall be returned to his/her appropriate place with his/her Group and shall be referred to other employment in accordance with the position of his Group and his/her place within the Group.
  10. Registrants who refuse a job offer within the Local Union jurisdiction shall move to the bottom of the list in his/her Group.
  11. If a registrant does not respond to a call from the dispatcher, it shall be considered a job refusal. 
  12. An applicant who is discharged for cause two (2) times within a 12 month period shall be referred to the neutral member of the Appeals Committee for a determination as to the applicant’s continued eligibility for referral. The neutral member of the Appeals Committee shall, within three (3) business days, review the qualifications of the applicant and the reasons for the discharges. The neutral member of the Appeals Committee may, in his or her sole discretion: (1) require the applicant to obtain further training from the JATC before again being eligible for referral; (2) disqualify the applicant for referral for a period of four weeks or longer depending on the seriousness of the conduct and/or repetitive nature of the conduct; (3) refer the applicant to an employee assistance program, if available, for evaluation and recommend action; or (4) restore the applicant to his/her appropriate place on the referral list.

Note: Additional changes, modifications, additions or deletions to the above stated referral procedures may occur as needed or directed.