Join the IBEW 1049 Youth Caucus Today! "Next Up! The Young Worker Caucus is here. We had our first meeting on August 20th and it was a fun and informative event. The focus of Next Up! will be on education, networking, capacity building and union solidarity. We are looking to come up with new and creative ways to reach out to young members and help them find interest in being active in the labor movement.  A positive way to strengthen the labor movement is to nurture an active and educated young membership that will emerge as future leaders. We are committed to bringing our best and brightest forward to build our union.  Next Up! is a diverse group of Local 1049 members under age 35 who will help mobilize our young members to become effective activists and leaders. If you are under 35 and are interested in joining the caucus please contact your Business Representative at the union office.

The IBEW 3rd District Youth Caucus has been tasked by our forward-thinking IBEW leadership to grow the labor movement.  The “Next Up!” Youth Caucus will highlight labor education, community involvement, social media, and the connections of workers throughout the IBEW to open eyes to the benefits of Union Labor and social movements. The Mission of the Youth Caucus is to  engage younger members of the IBEW, instill the values and further the ideals of the IBEW, acknowledge the IBEW's past and present leaders and learn from them, work with the union leadership to encourage action & participation by the younger members, encourage the younger members of the IBEW to take an active role in their union and the labor movement, increase an understanding of the labor movement & foster a more positive perception of labor in our communities and to promote the knowledge needed to face the challenges of the labor movement in today's world.

To get involved and contact the union office at (631) 234-1800 or fill out the form below and we will be in contact!

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