Throwback Thursday Rally with CWA 1108

CWA 1108 will be having a Throwback Thursday(TBT) Burn the Bullshit Rally  this Thursday, May 12th, to let Verizon know what they think about their last and final offer and their scab letters.  They are going back to the site of so many great rallies (so what if its empty.) They will burn all of the 'Dear Scab' letters, the FedEx Last, Best, and Final offers and any Verizon shirts you want to exorcise!

Bring your family as we stand in Solidarity against Verizon's attempts to break their Union!  The rally will take place on Thursday May 12th at 6:30 PM.  It will be held at 501 N. Ocean Ave, Patchogue.  All Local 1049 members are invited to attend.