Keep Yourself Safe on the Job

The following are some important steps to protect yourself when using company vehicles for day-to-day use and the issues you face when on the job:  
  1. Do not take for granted that when you park your crew vehicle at the end of your tour of duty that someone else has not been using it or hasn't worked on it. Fleet Maintenance, contractors, or another crew may have had to use it or done maintenance on the vehicle. When you start work the next day, use proper hygiene and wipe down everything you may come in contact with (ex: steering wheel, any cabin controls, handles, etc.)
  2. If you have to stop at any time during your day outside of a National Grid facility to fuel or gas up a National Grid vehicle, try and use a dedicated pair of gloves for handling gas and fuel pump, touch pads, and nozzles to minimize any exposure. It's a known fact that service station fueling equipment ranks in the top 10 as the dirtiest things that you can touch.
  3. When you enter public businesses or buildings, including National Grid buildings, while on duty, utilize protection when opening doors. When you exit, use your body, arm or elbow to open the door. NYS law dictates all exit doors for structures and public buildings open to the outside.
  4. Keep in mind that anything you may purchase in a store can be contaminated. Wipe any packaging after you buy it.
  5. SAFETY FIRST- Protect yourself at all times. Take a minute or two to assess what is going on around you or what you are about to do. Maintain social distances.
WORK SAFE! These simple steps will not only protect you, but also protect your crew and your family when you return home.