EWMC Day of Service

LU 1049's EWMC chapter again teamed with LU 25's chapter and assisted Veterans residing at " The Veterans Place" in Yaphank. We had 9 members/ family assist participate and the atmosphere of community between our members, Local 25's Members and the veteran residents could be felt the entire morning.

Our day began at 9 am at The Veterans Place , 32 Mill Rd, in Yaphank where we landscaped the front and rear property and cleaned various debris from the side yard.
Our EWMC members were armed with rakes & shovels, leaf blowers and trash bags, and Local 25's members were working on landscaping and various electrical projects. All totaled our 9 volunteers logged approximately 32-man hours and continued to look for other projects to complete before we signed out.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered, you did a great job!