You are the Backbone of Our Society

I hope this message finds you and your families safe and well. I think it would be accurate to say that the coronavirus has become all consuming. It has altered our lives in ways we could have never imagined by dictating where we go, when we go, who we see, what we do and what we talk about. If it is not in the forefront of our minds, then it is certainly lurking just over our shoulders. During this trying time I compel all of us to continue to be the backbone of our society. As we have grown accustomed to being frontline workers through so many natural disasters before, it can be all of us who can continue to be reliable essential workers while looking out for our families and friends. Keeping our ties strong and watching out for our neighbors. Trying to support those who are anxious and suffering, and most of all maintain the social order that is the key to our society.
As we closely monitor the rapidly evolving situation, we know that misinformation and fear can spread as quickly as the virus itself. We want to try to discourage false information from circulating. For accurate and up to date information, we recommend visiting the websites of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) or the WHO (World Health Organization).
I am certain that if we continue to battle this pandemic together, we will not only succeed, we will be stronger as a result. Please continue your awareness, and follow these recommendations:
  1. Stay home if you are feeling sick
  2. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently
  3. Do not touch your face or put your hands in your mouth unless your hands are clean
  4. Maintain and practice social distancing
Lastly, the latest recommendation from our health leaders is to wear a cloth face covering or mask in public. ( I believe this is intended for situations where it is difficult to maintain the 6 foot spacing that is essential to prevent the spread of the virus) We should all try and use what we can to preserve the dwindling supplies of PPE for the frontline workers in the medical field as they require these masks much more than an average person in a grocery store.
Passion overcomes fear, commitment triumphs over anxiety, stay vigilant Brothers and Sisters!