We must be prepared for attacks on Labor

Brothers and sisters, in this wild and often chaotic political climate, in can be confusing to the Average Joe as to what Right to Work legislation means.  We see Republican members of Congress introducing National Right to Work Bills and individual States creating their own laws to decimate unions. Missouri recently became the 28th State to enact Right to Work laws and the New Hampshire legislature just rejected their own version.  We must not delude ourselves that it can't happen here in New York, because this year there will be a ballot initiative to hold a State Constitutional Convention and that could lead to that same conversation here as well.  We must not forget this is a priority bill for the House and Senate GOP caucus. We will keep you updated so you can make an informed choice. 
On March 3rd is Business Manager Emertius Don Daley's retirement celebration. There are still tickets available.  Details are provided below.
Be careful driving and please work safely.