Tentative Agreement Reached with NECA

Business Manager/Chief Negotiator Ron Bauer and the NECA main negotiating committee have reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the Northeastern Line Construction Chapter for an agreement covering over 400 Local 1049 members.
Highlights of this agreement are as follows;
  • Four (4) year agreement from May 3rd 2020 through May 30th 2024
  • Wage increases of 3.25% every year of agreement
  • Vacation percentage increases of .25% in years one (1) and four (4) of agreement
  • Total package increases 3.5%, 3.25%, 3.25%, 3.5%
  • No decrements or changes to medical coverage, with employer paid yearly increases (approximately .48 per hour increases towards plan)
  • Increased paid Training hours for members, up to forty (40) hours per year
  • Increased FR clothing allowances, $750 per year, and FR rain gear up to $250 (every three years)
  • Increases in tool loss reimbursement, $1500 for JL's and Apprentices, $500 for all others
  • Employment protection language for Journeyman Lineman/Journeyman Splicers who are fifty (50) years or older
  • Promotional language for qualified Journeyman Lineman/Journeyman Splicer requiring one (1) year experience to become a Working Foreman
  • Language added to contract regarding any new Technology implemented by Employer, union will be notified and given the opportunity to meet and discuss.
  • All other rights and language in contract remains the same.
Special Thanks to our NECA main negotiation committee;
President- Jim Cooper
Recording Secretary- Tom Dowling
Business Representative- Jim Bogen
Executive Board member- Bryan Hughes
Executive Board member- John Gallagher
Although this Tentative Agreement has not yet been ratified by our members, it was a good faith decision between the Union and the Contractors that the pay increases in the Tentative Agreement take effect on May 3rd, 2020, while the ratifying process takes its course. Because of the NYS on PAUSE still being mandated, please be patient as we work through this process and determine the best and safest way for you to cast your vote.