Support Striking Verizon Workers

The union workforce at Verizon has gone on strike. The Communications Workers of America are strong allies of ours. Many have asked us what can be done to help them during the strike. Please feel free to stop by a picket line and join the CWA in walking it. Their members have been walking the picket lines everyday for the last week, so if you are able to, please drop off bottled water, donuts, or other snacks to keep them going and let them know you are a proud member of IBEW Local 1049. There have been many questions and some misinformation in regards to crossing picket lines.  An INDVIDUAL has a right to not cross a picket line if they personally believe it would not be safe to do so or if they have a conscientious objection to crossing a picket line. If management persist that you do, please contact the union office immediately. 

Our Brothers and Sisters at CWA 1108 have let us know that these will be their main picket locations:

  • Verizon Garage 720 Larkfield Rd. East Northport
  • Verizon Garage 1130 Lincoln Ave. Holbrook
  • Verizon Garage 285 Hubbard Ave. Riverhead
  • Verizon Operators Office 120 Hicksville Rd. Massapequa
  • Verizon Wireless Store Smith Haven Mall Middle Country Rd. Lake Grove
  • Verizon Wireless Store Gateway Plaza Sunrise Highway Patchogue

For more locations on Long Island, click here