New York Rejects Pipeline

"New York State on Friday once again rejected an environmental permit for a contested natural gas pipeline to the region, delivering a potentially fatal blow to the $1.4 billion project sought by National Grid. The decision marks the third time the projects environmental permit application has been rejected. The pipeline as proposed would increase National Grids supply of Natural gas supply by 14% to Long Island and parts of New York, where the company said future shortages still loom. This month, after public hearings to present projects and concepts to address the shortage, National Grid narrowed the list to two options; The Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline and a second that used enhancements to the existing infrastructure, including the Iroquois pipeline." These quotations were reported  from Mark Harrington, Newsday.               

I send you this message because Local 1049 wants to keep their members informed on the status of this proposed  23.4 mile Northeast Supply Enhancement Pipeline project. This permit denial could affect future gas service growth on Long Island,   Although the States decision does not favor National Grid and our union workforce, we hope National Grid finds a solution that is good for all.