Negotiations Update: 1049 members say "Fight Back, " ranks unanimously authorize a strike!

On Saturday, February 7, almost 1000 Local 1049 members came out to Rally for Justice and Contract Information Meeting at the UPSKY Hotel in Hauppauge.  Our members displayed their solidarity and resolve by wearing their RED. Every single union member there sent a clear and unambiguous message....we support Chief Negotiator Don Daley and the Main Committee!

There were many great speakers who came out on a cold Saturday morning to stand with us, shoulder to shoulder in our fight for justice.  Speakers included Nassau County Legislator and Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams, Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory and Suffolk Legislators, Rob Calarco, Kate Browning and Kevin McCaffery all pledged their support to us during these negotiations.  Also attending was Frank Nardelli, Suffolk County's Commissioner of Labor.  Our Brothers and Sisters from the Labor Community were with us as well. The President of the Long Island Federation of Labor, John Durso delivered an invigorating speech and introduction of Chief Negotiator Don Daley. Also present was Mike Conigliaro President of TWU Local 101, Jim Bua, Business Representative IBEW Local 3, Rich Sanchez General Chairman of IBEW Local 589, Nick LaMorte, CSEA Region One President and Mike Gendron and Don Dunn of CWA 1108. 

At the end of the Rally, Chief Negotiator Daley asked all of the Local 1049 members employed by National Grid to stay for an update on the contract negotiations.  The members could not have been more attentive, respectful and supportive of the Main Committee.  After Chief Negotiator Daley and IBEW International Representative Rich Redmond finished explaining the details of the negotiations, President Ed Conklin moved forward with a motion to proceed with a strike authorization vote. Chief Negotiator Don Daley explained that this is an important decision, not to be taken lightly but one that would allow him to lead us to strike this employer should we be faced with working without a contract. The contract expires at midnight on Friday, February 13th.  

The membership delivered a thunderous "AYE!" in unison, which echoed through the Hotel, with no one rejecting the motion.  After the vote Chief Negotiator Daley thanked the membership for the confidence and support and told the members that he and the Main Committee are working day and night to reach a settlement.  

As always, we will keep you updated as we proceed. not listen to rumors or act irresponsibly.  The tension will continue to build and it is important to keep a cool head.  For your convenience, we have set up two phone numbers you can call for information.

Strike Command Center - 631-559-8710
Negotiations Hot Line - 631-664-9675

Local 1049 member strike assignments will be posted on Thursday February 12th at