Labor Day is fast approaching Local Union No. 1049...

A Labor Day Message from Business Manager Don Daley
For many this signals the end of summer, the start of school, a 3 day weekend of family, fun and relaxation. 
But, like many holidays, the true meaning and reason behind it are lost on the vast majority of people.
For us, as workers, as Union members in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, it should be a day of thanksgiving as we reflect on the Labor movement, its history, its future, and all our Union has achieved for us. It is a time to look back and take pride in all the work you have accomplished so far and gather strength for the work ahead. 
It is also time to take stock of the perilous times ahead for not just our Local, but all Unions, as the anti-union crowd ramp up for another election season. 
Labor Day is about workers, their rights, their struggles, the Labor movement and all of us should take pride in being part of it.
Celebrate the day and enjoy it! It's our holiday.