IBEW 1049 Business Manager Report from Executive Board Meeting on May 5th

1. The ROW agreement was ratified.  The agreement covers three (3) years, with a 3.0% wage increase year one, 3.25% wage increase in year two and three. Increased employer contributions (.30 per hour) every year to the medical plan. Increased employer contributions of .25% in each of year of agreement.

2. A tentative agreement was reached with NECA.  Information on the tentative agreement will be posted on HotWire, 1049 website and handouts will be distributed with NECA members. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will ratify the contract in a safe a diligent way, taking all necessary precautions. A mail in vote process might be necessary.

3. Special thanks to the NECA negotiation committee.  In addition to BM Ron Bauer was BR Jim Bogen, President Jim Cooper, Recording Secretary Tom Dowling, and Executive Board members Bryan Hughes and John Gallagher.

4.  Also special thanks to BR Bill O'Leary for his outstanding work with the members of Altice. Altice was looking to lay off more than six members due to the lack of work because of COVID-19. Bill negotiated with Altice to offer Severance /buy out to any member who was looking to leaving the company voluntarily. A good number of members voluntarily accepted this offer, which minimized the need to lay off most members. Saving four members from being laid off. When Altice work increases, which the company anticipates, those laid off members are the first to be recalled and given the opportunity for rehire.

5. NG and PSEG LI are both working on their return to work plan.  Both companies are still looking at how the business is working currently and how they can resume business safely, as well as productively.

6. Met with PSEG leadership in NJ approximately three (3) months ago, regarding PSEG LI Diversity and Inclusion.  The company is looking to set up a virtual conference call for the Executive Board and staff at the end of June to roll out the company's model on Diversity and Inclusion. Phase two roll out will be for the stewards, and phase three roll out to the workforce. We hope this will educate and allow all of us to better understand how we need to treat and respect each other at the work place.

7. BM Ron Bauer seeking approval to cancel May's General Membership meeting.  Looking to possibly hold the June General Meeting by Zoom video conference meeting.