His legacy still has great meaning now in 2017

If you take a look at the world outside our workplace, it looks a little grim, but there is still hope. We celebrate Dr. King's legacy today, and we pay homage differently. Read below. Public Education is under attack and the Teachers have asked for our help. We will be there for them. Dr. King believed in well-funded desegregated schools, DeVos does not. Dr. King believed in organized labor, in the dignity of working and opportunities that arise from a good middle class union job. Altice does not. That is why the cable technicians are talking with us about joining our union.  The rhetoric of the incoming Presidency has created a divided nation. In the 1960's, our nation was experiencing similar social and economic problems. Do we need another Dr. King? Do we wait for a new leader to arise. I don't think we need to wait. There is a Dr. King in all of us, whether you want to admit it or not. Attend the union meetings, Dr. King went to union meetings. Go to the Public Education rallies, Dr. King did. Help organize low wage workers into a union, because Dr. King did just that and was murdered for doing these things. That was the ultimate sacrifice he made. What sacrifices do we all have to make to continue his legacy?