Adding Staff to Manage the Crisis

I hope this message finds you and your families well at this time. I have a very important announcement to share with our members. As I previously mentioned, several of my
Business Representatives have fallen ill to the Coronavirus and I have been looking to fill those roles and the position that Patrick Guidice once held.

While we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, I have been concerned that the absence of any Staff Representative would or could compromise the level of service our members have grown accustomed to and quite frankly deserve. We are fielding many valid questions and important concerns. I insist that my staff and I leave no stone unturned in our commitment to the membership.

To that point, Patrick Guidice and I have agreed to put our differences aside for the time being and once again work together for the betterment of the Union. He will be returning to his role as Business Representative effective Thursday 4/16. This may come as somewhat of a surprise considering
our recent professional differences, but I am confident he can serve the members he represents and I have complete faith that we can work together toward the same goal. Patrick will be working from home, as are the rest of my staff.

As I have said before I will always put my morals and values in front of all else to provide the best support system for the membership that I can, and I know right now our members are counting on us more than ever. I eagerly look forward to the day we can find our new normal, but until then we will
have to continue writing the book to get through these trying times.