Changes In Family Status

Remember To Notify the Benefit Office When There Is a Change In Your Family Status or Address

You and your family members are entitled to some of the best benefits in the country. In order to fully maximize these benefits, the Craft Division of Local 1049 Health & Welfare Fund (“the Fund”) must be kept updated when there are changes in your family. Because the makeup of families does not always remain the same, it is your responsibility to let the H&W know of any changes. A phone call, email or note to the Benefit Office will assist us in making certain that these changes take effect.

For example, when you get married, your new spouse is entitled to share in the benefits you receive. Simply send a copy of your marriage certificate within 31 days. If your family is expecting a baby or adopts a child, notify our office by sending a copy of the birth certificate or adoption papers to the Benefit Office to begin coverage.

Just as it is important to tell the Fund about additions to your family, other changes must also be reported. If you divorce, it is your responsibility to notify the Fund as soon as the divorce becomes final. If you do not report this event and your ex-spouse uses benefits for which he or she is no longer eligible, you may be responsible for any claims paid on his or her behalf. Please make sure to send the Fund a copy of the dissolution judgment that was filed in court. Be sure to include the page that shows the date your marriage ended.

It is also important to remember that when your family changes, take an extra moment to review your beneficiary design-ation as well. In many cases, Death Benefits may be available to your designated beneficiary.

Do not delay adding new dependents. By keeping the Fund up-to-date with changes to your address, name, telephone number or social security number, you can ensure that you will continue to receive important information about your benefits.

For further assistance, to obtain an enrollment or change of enrollment form, contact Dawn Lange or Wilma Alvarez in the Benefit Office at 631-234-1803.