Benefits - Message from Craft Division Benefits Dept.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Craft Division of Local 1049 Health and Welfare Fund, we would like to welcome you to our IBEW Local 1049 Benefit Funds website. To assist us in effectively communicating with you and your family, we would like to hear any suggestions you may have. If there is an area you would like to see included, please contact us.

Your plans, some which were established as long ago as 1964, have been through a number of revisions. The Trustees have adopted these changes in an effort to make your benefit programs as responsive as possible to your needs, within, of course, the framework of sound financing. While much can be said for these achievements, there can be no more objective way to measure the value of your various plans than to know that there is a sense of security and peace of mind that must come from knowing that protection such as this is available when needed.

This Board of Trustees, and the many Boards that have preceded them, are pleased to have played such a role in developing these comprehensive benefit programs and want you to know that they will make improvements whenever possible. To better acquaint you with our plans, please refer to your Summary Plan Descriptions. You may also contact the Benefit Office between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday, at 631-234-1803.

In closing, may we suggest, as always, that you read your Summary Plan Descriptions carefully and keep them where you can refer to them as needed. Be sure to share the information with members of your family since they may also be covered by many of your benefits. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Improving Body Mind & Spirit

For many years the chiropractic profession was perceived as quackery before being embraced at least in part by the mainstream as a viable option for getting help with back and neck pain or related problems.

As we become more and more open and willing to embrace non-traditional practices in this age of enlightenment, enter, Network Spinal Analysis, a holistic, relatively new development in chiropractic care which grew out of research based in the Network Chiropractic technique. Network and NSA were founded by pioneering chiropractor Donald Epstein.  This non forceful non-aggressive gentle touch approach is designed to help the body heal itself from all types of traumas that have been stored in the body memory and psyche, sometimes for decades. For each new patient the practice begins with a clearing of subluxations (misalignments of spinal bones) which interfere in the message delivery system between the brain and the nervous system and negatively impact on the body/mind ability to operate in optimal fashion. According to Epstein the same energy tension that is released or cleared is used for spinal reorganization and increased wellness

This remarkable new practice is generating amazing results in helping people to recover from a host of different ailments including the usual back related issues like herniated or bulging discs, sciatica, and other spine related pain complaints. Even more noteworthy, NSA has been proven effective in helping to mitigate anxiety, stress, migraines headaches, depression, anger, concentration problems eczema, immune system disorders, emotional turmoil and many other maladies. Some local Network practitioners speak of seeing their patients get off of insulin after 25 years, seeing autism diagnoses go away and cataracts disappear. Many patients report no longer needing anti-depressants or anxiety medications. Another NSA patient reports months of the common chiropractic care followed by physical therapy and epidural injections only to continue struggling with constant, unbearable pain that he had for 5 more then years. After being introduced to Network Spinal Analysis, within 3 weeks all of his pain was gone. These incredible reports are just a few of the testimonials being given by patients who participate in NSA practice

As patients progress through various “levels” in the practice they explore new awareness and corresponding physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges which are actually new opportunities for continued healing and growth. This transformational process is growing in acceptance and popularity as the success stories, and triumphs continue to mount. On Long Island alone there are now more then a dozen certified Network Chiropractors who can introduce you to this magical world of healing. Visit or for more information call LECSA EAP @ 631-851-1295.

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