National Grid is putting Long Islanders in danger!

IBEW 1049’s highly trained and skilled professionals -- who safely provide gas connections to your homes and businesses in all weather conditions -- are under attack by National Grid!
National Grid is threatening the safety and well-being of Long Islanders by placing dangerous gas connections in the hands of untrained and inexperienced outside contractors and managers.

Our members are unified in seeking:

  • A fair contract that allows members to provide affordable health care for their families;
  • A fair contract that recognizes the financial sacrifices made in previous contracts and respects our 1,100 professional members;
  • A fair contract that ensures our members can afford to stay right here on Long Island.


Your safety cannot take a backseat to National Grid’s profitability! Tell National Grid it must negotiate in good faith by calling 1-800-930-5003


What are the facts?

National Grid, a profitable, multi-billion international entity, has failed to recognize the severe safety risks and devastating economic impacts that it has caused by not bargaining in good faith.
A small team of inexperienced outside contractors and Grid managers will not be able to safely and quickly restore gas service interruptions and outages -- placing Long Islanders at risk to not have heat or power in the dead of winter. 
New gas connections for homes and businesses will be greatly delayed, further harming an already struggling local economy. 
National Grid’s current proposal would place severe additional financial burdens upon our 1,100 professional members who provide for their families, and threaten their livelihoods and their futures.
National Grid’s proposal is inequitable when compared to  similar contracts across Long Island and the Northeast.

Who are our members?

  • We’re Long Islanders just like you and we need your support!  We’re your family, friends, neighbors, and the customers who shop in your stores and restaurants.
  • We’re essential frontline workers who are out in the community all year, day and night, making sure gas and electric are delivered safely to your home.
  • We’re hard-working men and women from every background who contribute to the financial strength and tax base of the towns we call home.

Watch the video to learn about the IBEW and our role in the community.

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  • Watch the above video to learn about the IBEW and our role in the community.
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